Is Disney dumping Hannah Montanta?

January 28, 2008

It seems that word i spreading about the end to on of the most popular tween shows on television.  Hannah Montana has taken its star Miley Cyrus to incredible heights is apparently bing canceled by Disney.  In recent interviews Miley and Disney have both made comments that don’t really leave any room for interpretation.

“The past 3 series have been great. My dad and I have been a good team and became closer. I was recently talking with the crew and they said that Hannah Montana is going off air this Spring. They believe they should make room for new shows and give people a new career with Disney. I am very upset and bewildered by this. I wish everyone luck in the cast. It has been a once in a lifetime ride through the show.”

Disney spokesperson Janey Moore confirmed it by saying, “I am very happy that people will start a new life with Disney. Hannah Montana is unfortunately getting axed. The cast are very upset by this.”

This news is surprising given the success of Miley and the Hannah Montana brand the past year.  Maybe Disney feels that Miley is getting too big for the show and don’t want her to overshadow other upcoming stars on the network.  One thing Disney has no problem doing is creating tween sensations that sell million in CDs, merchandise, and concert tickets.

 Hannah Montana canceled

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