Cheryl Cole rocked by abortion rumors

January 28, 2008

Cheryl Ann Cole, AKA Tweedy from Girls Aloud, is reconsidering her marriage to soccer star Ashley Cole after a new rumor has emerged.  Apparently Ashley Cole, after his one night stand with Aimee Walton, was told that there was a she  was pregnant since they failed to use any protection.  In response to save himself Ashley sent a representative to meet with her.

She told the Sun that she called Ashley to tell him about her fears and he replied: “F****** hell! I’m shaking. I’m sorry. S**t!”

He then arranged for a friend of his to meet Aimee at a London pub and the representative told her: “We would do whatever you want. Obviously he’s not gonna leave his wife, he’s not gonna get involved.

“If you wanted to terminate the pregnancy and then go on holiday with your [young son], then you know that’s fine. We would take care of that.”

“If you wanna keep the baby then we’ll give you something towards it. [But] I’ll be dead straight with you: the best thing for Ashley is to terminate the baby, right.”


After stating that she would stand by her man Cheryl is now backing off and rethinking her marriage altogether.  The two have been married since July 15, 2006 so the fact that they couldn’t even last 18 months before he decided to cheat isn’t a good sign.


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