Britney on the cover of Blender….sort of

January 28, 2008

The March 2008 issue of Blender magazine features a sexy looking Britney Spears, but if you look closer you can see the little disclaimer that reads “This photo is a composite. Britney did not pose for this photo. Sadly, this is not her body.” See how they try and scam you with the sexy cover that has you going wow maybe Britney is turning things around. The magazine focuses on her fall from super stardom and the circus that her life has become.

“Britney is money,” says another X17 photographer, standing next to the BMW that pictures of Britney have bought him. Someone tells the story of the day they followed her halfway to Las Vegas. She got takeout from Taco Bell at a rest stop in the desert. Then she turned the car around and drove home. “Britney is crazy,” says another, bemused.


Maybe one day she will earn the right to truly grace the cover of Blender and prove the world wrong. I think this is a nice little scam thought since most people aren’t going to see that disclaimer until much later. Who really reads the cover?!

 Britney Spears Blender March 2008 Cover


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