Teen wanted to crash plane into Miley concert

January 25, 2008

Nashville International Airport had a little excitement last night as police arrested a 16 year old boy that had plans to hijack a commercial flight and crash it into a Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montanta concert.

A tip led guards to arrest a teenage runaway from a Los Angeles flight.
Investigators said he somehow smuggled handcuffs, rope and tape onto the plane. He also had a copy of the flight plan and schedules.

Investigators said he planned to hijack the plane and order the pilots to divert the course from Nashville to Lafayette, La. The teenager wanted to crash the airliner into a Hannah Montana concert.


There was no word on why the teen targeted Miley Cyrus, but they believe it was a cry for attention that went to far. Police say that the boy had no chance of even getting close to doing anything that could have endangered and lives. To add insult to injury to the young man he got the date of the concert wrong by a week.

Miley Hijack attmpt

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