David Archuleta the next bad Idol finalist

January 23, 2008


It looks like the top contender to make it to the Final 24 on Idol only to be ripped apart like Sanjaya Malakar was last year is David Archuleta. David appeared on last night’s episode with a story about how his vocal chords were partially paralyzed and he could barely talk a year ago. After that story he went on to impress the judges, but in no way was he incredible. He was worthy of getting into the top 50 in Hollywood, but look at his two videos below and you can see his voice suffered some damage. He has already generated a loyal following and a fan club going by the name “Arch Angels” has already started up. Remember the name because I can see Howard Stern asking you all to vote for him in a few weeks.

David several years ago sang to Kelly Clarkson and other contestants – he doesn’t sound this good anymore.

Compare that to Last night’s audition.

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