Celebridiot movie review of “Cloverfield”

January 21, 2008

I was able to find the time to head out and see “Cloverfield” this evening.  I can see how some people said this movie can make you feel dizzy or create some motion sickness. The camera shaking and cuts can mess with you a bit.  The movie itself did have a “Blair Witch Project” feel with a much bigger budget.  I had the movie built up in my head so I was expecting an incredible ground breaking film that pushed some limits or discovered new ground which just didn’t happen.   The acting was average at best with no real emotion.  The lack of emotion didn’t allow the audience to connect with the story in any way and caused some laughter during the movie during, what should have been, dramatic scenes.  Don’t get me wrong the sound effects, some of the action, and the work making New York fall apart was impressive.   The beginning did have a very eerie  similarity to 9/11 with smoke tunneling down the street and people taking cover in stores.  Maybe Abrams was trying to draw a similarity or maybe he was just going for drama that fit the story, but it had an uncomfortable feel.  If a sequel is made it has to reveal more about the monster, where it is from, what it is doing, or some other sort of back story.  Maybe I just had my sights set to high going in, but I was just hoping for something more.  Maybe when it hits cable I’ll watch it again and get more out of it than I did tonight.


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