More “Cloverfield” sequel and monster talk

January 19, 2008

Well the “Cloverfield” stories are pouring out.  Given that the film took in nearly $20 million on opening day and will most likely set the record for the MLK weekend for a new movie it is no surprise there are already talks of a sequel. Several sites have stories posted about what angle  sequel might follow.

Director Matt Reeves has stated that if they do a sequel, it might take place during the same monster attack, but seen from another camera.

As for where the origin of the monster the folks over at Film School Rejects have got some information to provide on that hotly debated topic.

No, not in the attack footage. Not in the news footage. In the footage from April that was accidentally erased by Hud.

This original footage doesn’t just include the budding relationship between Rob and Beth. It also has the “first” appearance of the monster.

Didn’t catch it? Well, go see the movie again, and watch carefully in the Coney Island footage at the very end. You might just see something suspicious drop into the water.


Taking the movie from the vantage point of the monster seems interesting, but could that really carry a sequel?  Anyone have thoughts on whether Abrams can pull that trick off?


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