Did Golfweek cross the line with noose cover?

January 17, 2008

In response to a comment made by Golf Channel analyst  about lynching Tigers woods to end his dominance they have decided to feature a noose on their newest issue. The comment in question took place during a January 4th broadcast with Nick Faldo during the Mercedes-Benz Championship. After the network received a few complaints Tilghman apologized to the network and to Tiger Woods for her choice of words. Woods and his agent accepted the apology and consider the matter a non issue. Reverend Al Sharpton has called for the termination of her employment with the network and she has been suspended for two weeks. The question becomes is did Golfweek make a bigger deal out of the situation than it was in order to sell more issues or are they trying to make a point by creating an open debate on the incident?


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