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“Cloverfield” Spoiler Alert

“Cloverfield” Spoiler Alert

January 16, 2008

If you don’t want the details please don’t read! The info is from a person that apparently saw a screening of the movie and leaked the details. I haven’t read this info because I am trying to go in fresh!


Film opens. Screen is blank for a while, then it starts flasihing colours and you discover that this is a copy of a government video not to be duplicated. It says Camera found at Area 449 (I think the number was like that I can’t remember exactly what it was), formerly known as Central Park. It describes the Cloverfield incident.

Film opens with rob filming NY from the window in Beth’s dad’s apartment. He walks along the corridor and films the photos in the hall and walks into the room and films Beth while she is sleeping in bed Beth wakes up and talks to Rob for a minute before the camera cuts to her trying to catch fruit in her mouth that Rob is throwing at her lying in bed.

Film cuts to Jason filming Lily (his girlfriend) who is telling him that he is going to be in charge of the camera while at the party. He goes over to Hud who is helping prepare Rob’s leaving party and tells him is he is going to be in charge of the camera at the party and he just has to go around and get everybody to film a farewell message for Rob, like they do at weddings. Party happens (Rob has been promoted to vice president in Japan).

Hud is in charge of filming the party. At the part you discover that Rob has slept with Beth and they have a fight in the hallway about it.

Monster attacks during the party. All the main characters are going to die sometime in the film.

The monster looks like a big dinosaur crossed with an alien and tarantula like creatures fall off it.

Rob and Beth have a fight at the party and she leaves with a guy she bought to the party. Soon after she leaves the monster attacks and everybody leaves the party and they hide in a shop. when they go out onto the street they see buildings collapsing and they decide they have to get out of NY, They head to the Brooklyn Bridge and there Beth calls Rob saying she is trapped and can’t move.

They stop on the bridge even though they are meant to be moving and Jason (Rob’s brother) climbs up higher too see what is happening and at that minute the monster attacks and kills Jason. They start running as the bridge collapses behind them. They go into a electronic store because Rob’s mobile battery has run out and they see what is happening on T.V. They go into the subway and Rob’s mother calls and he tells her Jason is dead.

They (Rob, Lily, Marlena ad Hud) decide to start walking the train tracks because Rob wants to go and save Marlena because off her message on the bridge. Hud makes lots of jokes about a homeless guy that lives near train tracks and likes to light people on fire.

At that moment they notice that rats are running and they wonder what they are running from. They turn on the night vision and at that moment the tarantula like creatures emerge and start to attack them. Marlena gets hurt the worst her whole back been bitten while Hud has hurt his leg.

They crawl off the train tracks and into a room and decide whatever option they take they are going to die, so they might as well get out of here and try get back above ground.

They enter a department store and Marlena is looking really ill. At that moment the army emerges and says they have found four survivors and take them into a room where all the other survivors are (nearly all are near dead) at that moment Marlena starts bleeding from here eye and everybody starts screaming she is infected and they drag her into a sealed place and you see blood splatter everywhere (it looks like the shot her or she exploded, but you don’t see it happen).

Lily, Rob and Hud are in hysterics and they tell the army guy they are going to rescue Beth whether he likes it or not. He tells them if the can be back by 6.00 the helicopters will pick them up and take them to safety. The army guy also tells them that the armed forces are going to take one more go at blowing up the monster and if it doesn’t work they are going to leave NY to the monster and let the city be destroyed.

They leave the place and run to Beth’s apartment to see that it is leaning over onto another apartment, They decide to go up the opposite building and then cross where the building has fallen into the other one to get in to Beth’s room (39th floor). They climb up and cross and find Beth alive but impaled on a pole going through her shoulder.

Despite her pleas they pull her off and they hobble off out of the building and into the street, While they were in the building another tarantula tries to attack them but they kill t. They make it to helicopters and lily goes off in one. The next one arrives and Hud, Beth and Rob get on it.

As they fly off they see the monster be what they think is blown up. As they cheer out of the smoke it suddenly strikes the helicopter and it crashes into Central park. They survive though the pilot is dead. You see that NY is pretty much destroyed. Rob’s head is hurt and they have to drag him from the wreckage and his leg is badly hurt.

As they start walking off, Hud is lagging behind and suddenly looks up and the monster is looking down at him ( it is the only clear shot you see of the monster. It looks like a dinosaur but with crab like legs and a sort of elephanty looking face (minus the trunk).

It bites Hud and kills him and spits him out and the camera. The camera lies on the ground filming Hud’s dead face in the grass going sharp and blurry for a few secs, before Rob picks up the camera and him and Beth hide under a bridge in the park.

Rob films himself saying his name and tells people that if they are watching this they know more than him. He turns the camera to Beth who says her name and at that moment the bridge is blown up and collapses on them. You see the from the view of the camera that rocks are piling up on it and you hear Rob say ‘I love you’ to Beth and the reply ‘I love you too’.

The screen cuts back to the tape it has been recording over and you see a video of Rob filming Beth. He tells here there are two seconds left on the camera and what does she have to say. She replies ‘I had a great day’ and the camera goes blank. Credits come up. No soundtrack. Everyone died, except you never find out what happened to Lily in the first helicopter. You never find out what happened to the monster. You never find out what happened to NYC.

After the credits, footage is seen of Rob and Beth on vacation in front of a body of water. You see something drop from the sky into the water behind them. Cuts to black. You hear a male whisper, “What now?” End.

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