Baby on Board for Beyonce?

January 15, 2008

The celebrity baby train keeps on rolling and this time is is rumored to have rolled to a stop at Beyonce.  The singer and girlfriend wife of Jay Z have been together for quite sometmie so Beyonce being with child wouldn’t be too shocking.

Sources close to the star say that her and boyfriend Jay-Z are expecting their first little bootylicious bub – and that they’re trying to keep it a secret.

Nine MSN

Currently no pictures have come out with Beyonce sporting a baby bump and there was nothing noticeable when she attended a New jersey Nets game last week with Jay and Kanye. If she is indeed pregnant we will be hearing about it soon enough.  Wonder if she will go on tour and wear tent like outfits to hide her belley then deny her pregnancy? That is just silly what kind of moron would do that and think it would fool anyone…oh yeah Jennifer Lopez!

Beyonce is pregnant

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