Casey dumps Jamie of pregnancy

January 10, 2008

Who would have thought that Jamie Lynn in all her 16 years of wisdom woul dbe having a tough time with her 19 year old boyfriend after they got preggers.  Rumors are out that are saying Casey Aldridge is dumping Jamie and is requesting DNA testing to make sure he is the father.  What has Jamie been doing on those Nickelodeon sets?

Aldridge is insisting that TV star Jamie Lynn, 16, has a paternity test to prove he is the child’s father, according to U.S reports.
Jamie Lynn has yet to confirm Aldridge as the father and insiders say the pair’s relationship has been shaky for months.
Casey’s doubts have been revealed by a pal of Jamie Lynn’s troubled sister Britney Spears.
“He wants a paternity test,” Britney told the Spears family friend, according to In Touch Weekly.
“Casey doesn’t want to be with her until he’s sure that he’s the father.”

Herald Sun

If anyone should be paying the Spears family a visit is is Maury Povich and his baby testers.  He once performed like 64 tests for one woman and her 3 kids.  I bet you get Jamie on that show we find out the father in one hour and after that get a drill instructor to take Britney out to the woods and get her crazy ass under control.


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