Britney flees to Mexico

January 10, 2008

Looks like Britney Spears was in need of a vacation and some loving.  Rumors that Britney had traveled to new York, Cabo, Europe or elsewhere were proven somewhat true when it was learned that Brit and her paparazzi “friend”, Adnan Ghalib, had traveled down to Mexico.

The two were seen there shopping late yesterday and cruising around in Britney’s Black Cadillac Escalade.


How does Britney allude the press in an Escalade and mysteriously get to Mexico?  Maybe that whole Mercedes flat tire and impound thing the other day was a diversion so she could make her get away in the pimped out Escalade.  Rumors have also been circulating that Adnan is shopping around partially nude photos of Spears and that the two had broken up.  You know this thing is gonna get ugly at some point before Valentine’s Day.

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