Is Pamela Anderson pregnant?

January 9, 2008

Has the Hollywood baby parade knocked on the womb of Pamela Anderson?  TMZ is reporting that Anderson, who has gone back and forth on her divorce, is actually expecting Rick’s baby.

Rick still seems to be in denial that Pamela is serious about the divorce because he’s been telling friends that she’s been “acting crazy” due to her pregnancy.


On top of these lovely rumors about a love child conceived over a poker debt, a bottle of cheap champagne, and a video camera – oh you know there was a camera – the pair are apparently travelling down to Australia for some gambling.  Reports out of Down Under claim that Rick will be participating in the Aussie Millions Poker Championship  at the Melbourne Crown Casino.  Pamela of course gets to go because she is the one that actually makes money and will earn an appearance fee.  Seems like rick found himself a solid piece of collateral.


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