Will the Golden Globes be pulled?

January 7, 2008

Rumors are flying that the Golden Globes will not be televised in order for celebrities to attend.  Due to the writers strike many actors have stated they will not cross the picket line to attend one of the biggest award shows of the year.

“NBC feels that it’s better to have an awards show with no one watching than have a show where no one shows up,” the source told msnbc.com. “They decided this over the weekend, despite saying that they’re still negotiating. Now, what hasn’t been decided is what they’re going to do with all that airtime, and that’s why they haven’t made an announcement yet.”


The only way to have the show would be for the network to air a rerun of something else while we wait for news of who took home the Globes.  The wards shows are always a fun event from the red carpet to the after parties, but this year it appears that will not be happening.

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