Jessica Sierra sentenced

January 7, 2008

Rock bottom was hit by Jessica Sierra and now she is paying the price.  The former American Idol finalist that has been in her share of trouble including a sex tape and a public drunkenness arrest has been sentenced to a year in rehab and two years probation.

The Tampa Tribune reported that Perry sentenced Sierra to spend the next year at the Pasadena Recovery Center in Pasadena, California — a facility he had reservations about because it has hosted TV programs in the past. He was concerned that Sierra might use the stint as a means of boosting her career, the paper reported.

“I don’t want this to be some steppingstone for her to have a career as a recovering addict,” Perry said.


Jessica never had a shot as her career never took off and like many idol contestants was soon forgotten. Even Idol winners aren’t getting much love. Ruben and Taylor have both been dropped by their record label as sales fail to meet expectations.  These kids have to learn that just because you are on a show watched by millions of people doesn’t mean they are going to stick around once you aren’t on television.  We can only hope she doesn’t sleep around in rehab like some people do — Lindsay!

Jessica Sierra sentenced
Who remembers her here?  No one?

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