“I Love New York 3” in the works after break-up

January 7, 2008

It is being reported that Tailor Made and New York have ended their relationship. Tiffany Patterson, better known to fans is New York, stated on he taped reunion show on VH1 last night that the two were happy and living together. However, if sources are telling the truth she is shopping for a third season to find love for real….again.

“Tailor Made [is saying that] the overbearing differences between them have become too much.”
The two have reportedly been living at separate residences for the past two weeks.


How many times is this woman gonna let herself be passed around a bunch of men for some ratings? Why doesn’t she go back to one of the losers that she claimed to have love for and just date on of those guys so she can put us out of the misery of watching another season?

Could this be the closest they ever get again?

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