Britney Spears 100 pill binge

January 6, 2008

More details are flowing out from Britney’s breakdown and hospital stay.  Reports of Kevin fearing Britney would use a gun he gave her, Britney trying to buy the children, a one hundred pill mega cocktail, and a television deal with Dr.Phil of all people.

SWALLOWED bottles of ‘hillbilly heroin’—a highly-addictive drug called OxyContin that’s killed hundreds in America,
BINGED on a mind bending cocktail of more prescription drugs before defying the police,
PLEADED with Kevin to SELL her the kids for a multi-million payoff in a tearful phone call,
FOUGHT with bodyguards to hang on to her children,
BASHED her own head against the wall in a fit of blind rage.

If even a small piece of this article is accurate you have to really wonder how she ever got released from the hospital today.  This girl has been a piggy bank to so many since she was twelve years old that no one will ever tell her she is wrong.  Her own mother hasn’t even come out to try to mend fences and help take care of her child.  It seems that the parenting apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.

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