Did Zac dump Vanessa before Christmas?

January 5, 2008

Fresh on the heels of her Seventeen magazine interview we she stated that Zac has been her rock during the whole nude photo scandal reports are coming out that the pair has called it quits. Not just that they ended it, but they ended in before Christmas and Zac dumped the star over the phone!

“They’ve been together for a long time, and he didn’t even call her to wish her a Merry Christmas,” according to the tabloid’s report.

“Zac wants to move on, start seeing other girls. He’s had no shortage of women hitting him up to become Vanessa’s replacement. Zac’s got enough numbers to fill a phone book.”

Wouldn’t that be a nice ending to her fairy tale book of lies? First she goes on Tyra and claims she is a good girl just to have naked pictures leak weeks later and now she once again misjudges a guy. Wonder if she sent him and naked pictures that will find their way to message boards everywhere.

Vanessa and Zach break up

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