Britney Spears loses custody of children

January 4, 2008

The emergency hearing that occurred today with regard to Britney’s hospitalization has resulted in her loss of her custody.  Spears was hospitalized last night in what was though to be a alcohol or drug induced state, which has been reportedly proven to be false.  However new reports state that Britney is possibly suffering from bipolar disorder which might explain her extremely erratic behavior over the last year.  As for the children the LA Superior Court has ruled that the children are safer in the sole custody of Kevin until further notice.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered Spears’ children to be placed in the sole care of the singer’s ex-husband Kevin Federline, suspending the pop star’s visitation rights until “further order of the court.”

A hearing has been set for January 14 which will determine how the bitter custody battle is to proceed.

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