Fans out to destroy Romo with Simpson mask

December 22, 2007

It seems that the Terrell Owens joke about Jessica Simpson jinxing the Cowboys last Sunday is spreading like wild fire.  A new website is ofering instructions for fans attending a Cowboys game and not wanting them to win to follow some simple instructions.  Of course those do include a step to cut out a pre-made Jessica Simpson mask to wear to the game.  This new site is already nearing 300,000 downloads and might scare the hell out of Cowboy Nation.

 1) Buy Tickets to the next Dallas Game.
2) Print out this picture in Full Color.
3) Cut out eyes and head.
4) Paste or tape to a heavy piece of paper or cardboard.
5) Paste popsicle stick to bottom for easy handling.
6) Bring it to the game and let Tony know Jessica is there for him!
7) Celebrate after your team wins!

Jessica Simpson mask

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