Britney Spears getting married again?

December 18, 2007

Word out of the Britney camp is that Britney is intent on getting married for the third time. This time she is looking to tie the knot with Sam Lufti who has been a common figure around Spears since her divorce from Federline.

According to reports, Spears has announced her marriage plans to her lawyers and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. Sources say her lawyers asked her to “at least get a prenup, but she didn’t seem to be listening.”

To make matters worse Kevin isn’t a fan of Lufti and believe the friend has a temper he doesn’t want around his children. It is nice to see that Britney has learned from past mistakes about rushing into serious decision like marriage. Oh wait – according tho this she hasn’t learned a damn thing and it seems she has actually grown more clueless. If she isn’t careful all these guys will keep taking half until she has nothing left!

Britney to marry again

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