Brokeback Lindsay?

December 5, 2007

It seems that Lindsay Lohan likes her men from down under as she has reportedly just completed a fling with Heath Ledger.  According to reports the two spent some steamy nights while in New York after Lindsay broke up with her snowboarding rehab buddy.

The Mean Girls star, who split from her snowboarder beau Riley Giles last week, is said to have enjoyed a number of late-night sex sessions with the Australian after meeting him at a New York bar.

Wow you woldn’t think Lindsay would be so loose when it came to men did you?  Oh wait this is Lindsay Lohan right? Wow I am actually surprised she was able to wait until after the bar to go knock some Australian boots.  Come on if the girl can do drugs she needs something to occupy her time doesn’t she?

 Lindsay lohan and Heath Ledger hook up

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