Britney Spears is a thief

December 5, 2007

Britney Spears celebrated her birthday in style the other day, but she might have left with a bit more style than she came with.  Apparently Britney decided that she should take home some designer coats for herself and some friends.  Only problem with that was that they weren’t there for her to take home.

 The pop star partied at the Scandinavian Style Mansion on Saturday night with old pal Paris Hilton – but is alleged to have picked up a few extra coats, costing a total of $28,200 (€31,800), for her and her friends as she left the venue, according to Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’.

You can look at this in two different ways.  On the one hand she is a two bit thief that just proved her parenting skills are better than her burglary skills.  On the other hand she is trying to control her spending habits and by stealing the jackets she saved nearly two months of child support payments!

Britney Spears celebrates her Birthday
Yay free coats!!!!

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