Britney Spears pregnant again!

November 28, 2007

According to report out today Britney Spears is pregnant with her third child. Rumors of a pending pregnancy have been circulating for several week and got some backing today from the possible father.

The father of the baby is music producer J.R. Rotem who apparently confirmed the news to In Touch Weekly in the US saying ‘It’s true’.
The magazine says that Spears emailed a copy of her ultrasound scan to friends on November 14, confiding that she was just over four weeks pregnant.

If she is pregnant again I feel bad for that child. She has been rumored to want Kevin Federline to get a vasectomy so he cannot father anymore children, but I guess she can keep popping out little soda drinking babies! You would have thought she would be a bit more responsible with her pending divorce and custody battle going on. Of course who doesn’t love a baby?? Hmmmmmm Britney maybe?  On the bright side Rotem is a producer which is a nice upgrade to a wannabe rapper I guess.

Spears pregnant again?
Is this the new K-Fed?

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