Jessica Simpson’s new love is food

November 26, 2007

Just because you are famous and gorgeous doesn’t mean you don’t get lonely.  Just ask Jessica Simpson who has seen her Nick Lachey move on to his next potential wife and other boyfriends find the next girl to keep them company.  Apparently in order to fill the lonely void in her heart she has begun filling the one in her stomach.  Friends are reporting that Jessica has been having late night binges to help her feel better and forget the fact that she is single.

“She keeps getting crushes on the kind of guys who will let her down. That triggers her cravings. She usually gives in to them at bedtime. When she is at a hotel, she will often order a plate of French fries as a late-night snack. She knows it isn’t healthy, but she doesn’t have a lot of willpower right now.”

Jessica has reportedly gained 10lbs since September and has turned to close friend Mike Alexander to help get her back into shape.

If Jess was just willing to slum it a bit I am sure there are plenty of guys that would love to be the next Mr. Jessica Simpson.  You hear her talk about wanting a good guy that can be a family man and you wonder why her and Nick ever broke up.  It seems that he was just the kind of guy she needed.  Maybe she will get lucky and find a nice Southern gentleman in Nashville.

Jessica Simpson loves her food
I wonder where the weight is going??

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