Is Britney having twins?

November 26, 2007

Well if you believe the rumors it appears that Britney Spears is in talks to bring six year old Chinese twins into her home. The soon to be ex Mrs. Federline is telling friends she is about to finalize the paperwork that will allow her to adopt to children.

“Friends feel that Britney has decided to adopt the two six-year-old tots from China in a frantic bid to fill the void left by losing her sons to K-Fed,”

Even China can’t be that desperate to allow Britney to adopt the twins. Doesn’t China have enough bad press now with all the toy, food, and pharmaceutical recalls going on? Can they really afford to let Britney have young twins that will be subject to her behavior? If Britney gets these children I think you will be only days away from a new Dateline NBC To Catch a Psycho Mom episode of something!


Britney Spears to adopt
I am the right choice for those kids!


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