Britney Spears is thankful for upskirts

November 23, 2007

You didn’t think Britney Spears would let the holiday where we are supposed to give thanks pass without giving us a holiday upskirt.  Britney was out at Mirabelle restaurant with a mystery male acquaintance  and from the looks of it she didn’t have that great of a time.  Also it is obvious that they aren’t able to airbrush the paparazzi photos.  Britney wore a way to short butt showing dress and showed off her black panties as she entered into th car.  After all these years I would have hoped she could have hired a coach to teach her the proper way o get into and out of a car.  Of course i she did that she wouldn’t be the Britney we all know and love now would she?

Britney Spears upskirt
Doesn’t she look happy?

Britney Spears upskirt Britney Spears upskirt britney_spears_mirabelle_upskirt_5.jpg britney_spears_mirabelle_upskirt_4.jpg britney_spears_mirabelle_upskirt_3.jpg britney_spears_mirabelle_upskirt_2.jpg britney_spears_mirabelle_upskirt_1.jpg

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