Paris Hilton and her new sex tape

November 19, 2007

Just when you think that “One Night in Paris” was the end to the heiress’ sex tape library a new one has emerged – though not as racy. A video believed to be part of her storage shed fiasco that revealed a lot of Paris’ dirty little secrets has been discovered showing Paris enjoying her bath just a bit too much.

The clip is believed to have been discovered in a storage vault after Paris forgot to pay the rent. In the video, Paris swims around the huge bath, soaks herself with a shower head and even jokes about her past sex tape scandals.

Who has a bathtub big enough to swim in? Paris just loves her bubbles doesn’t she? The video has actually made it on to you tube in an edited format that covers Paris up enough to be only slightly disturbing. In one scene Paris almost gets sucked down the trai, but luckily her ego was too big to make it down.

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