Britney Spears ordered to stop driving kids

November 16, 2007

After a week in which Britney Spears has driven over the feet of a police officer and two paparazzi, was taped driving and texting with her sons in the back seat, made an illegal left turn, and got caught running a red light a judge has ordered her to stop driving with her children.

L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon gave the sealed order during a court hearing in which Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline’s lawyer officially informed the judge that Spears ran a red light with their two little boys in the car last week, TMZ said.

You always have to ask yourself why so many celebrities get in trouble driving. Britney, Paris, Gibson, Richie, and the list goes on have all had issues with the law while behind the wheel. Most o these celebrities spend thousands of dollars a month on clothes, drinks, food, and just fun stuff so why not just get a driver to take you around. Tinted glass and a professional driver wouldn’t be as exciting for the paparazzi though would it? Guess Britney feels that staying the center of attention is more important than keeping her kids safe.

Britney Spears no more driving

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