Tara Reid proves that alcohol will not stop you from aging

November 15, 2007

Tara Reid is up in Vancouver, British Columbia filming a new movie entitle “Vipers”. This film is so secretive not even IMDB has information on it yet. I use secretive because it is nicer than saying no one really cares what films Tara Reid will be starring in soon. What’s important about this story is that Tara has debunked a theory that alcohol can help preserve you. Tara has filled her body up with plenty of alcohol over the years – so much so her blood is actually flammable and she is unable to fly commercial any longer. Judging by the pictures though she has seen some better days and the party lifestyle she leads has done it’s damage. Remember when she was just the cute blond in American Pie? What happened??

Removed At Lawyer request

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