Paris Hilton all wet in NYC

November 14, 2007

Paris Hilton is really taking this saving the world thing seriously since she has been out of prison.  That is if saving the world and making a difference include traveling to Asia to pose for pictures, sign lucrative clothing deals, judge a beauty pageant, and party as saving the world then she is rocking it!  She was back in New York City last night and saw what global warming is doing to the world as it rained on her expensive clothes in November!  Damn it people it should be snowing by now!!


paris_hilton_nyc_raining_6.jpg paris_hilton_nyc_raining_5.jpg paris_hilton_nyc_raining_4.jpg paris_hilton_nyc_raining_3.jpg paris_hilton_nyc_raining_2.jpg paris_hilton_nyc_raining_1.jpg

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