Hilary and Haylie Duff hit the spa and look…..pasty?

November 13, 2007

Hilary and Haylie were out for a day of beauty in Los Angeles, but their exit wasn’t glamorous.  The pair must have been steam cleaned during their facials because the first word that came to mind was pasty.  Like they took all the color out of their face and made them look old.  On the bright side Hilary was sporting a great pair of boots that drew attention from her head, neck, and face area that seems to fear the sun.

haylie_duff_and_hilary_duff_spa_main.jpg haylie_duff_and_hilary_duff_spa_main.jpg

 haylie_duff_and_hilary_duff_spa_1.jpg haylie_duff_and_hilary_duff_spa_2.jpg haylie_duff_and_hilary_duff_spa_4.jpg haylie_duff_and_hilary_duff_spa_3.jpg

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