Jennifer Lopez confirms pregnancy and the world yawns

November 8, 2007

In an incredible turn of events Jennifer Lopez has finally confirmed that she is expecting a child and her ass is not trying to get a view from the front of her body.  J-Lo made the announcement that surprised no one, except for the blind maybe, last night during her Miami area concert.

Digital Spy reports that last night she shared her baby news with fans at a concert in Miami. She told 10,000 concert-goers that she and her singer husband, Marc Anthony, were expecting.

Throughout the show J.Lo joked about the news, holding her stomach and saying: “You don’t mind if I catch my breath for a minute?”

Wow!  They did a great job at keeping that secret didn’t they? Only 11 other people confirmed the pregnancy and her growing belly hiding tent like clothing really kept up the illusion.  Ah these celebrities are a funny bunch. Congratulations to Jen and Marc on their soon to be larger family.

Jennifer Lopez pregnant in Miami

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