Britney plays hookie on drug tests

November 8, 2007

Looks like Britney Spears is too busy out buying lamps and a new Mercedes to make it to court ordered drug testing.  If you had the choice keeping your kids by pissing into a cup a few times or picking up a nice new sports car what would you do?  Well I guess the question is WWBD – What Would Britney Do? Obviously she things shopping in order to stay happy is important when leaving her kids with the person supervising her visits.  In order to make sure Britney does better than her 8 out of 14 made exams she has been ordered to give a working number.

A drug testing lab must be able to reach Britney Spears at a single telephone number, a court commissioner ruled today.

The ruling came after her ex-husband Kevin Federline’s lawyer complained that the pop star has repeatedly failed to respond to calls for court-ordered drug tests.

How rude is that?  No one gets Britney’s only working number except her coffee guy at Starbucks, the cashier at the gas station to alert her of fresh Frito deliveries, and the girl at the costume shop for when her cat outfit arrived. Of course that girl has been placed on the blocked list.  For every one step forward she makes she follows it up with two steps back.

Britney Spears no show for drug test
Do I look like I am on drugs!?!?!

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