Britney Spears ordered to pay up

November 7, 2007

Things just keep going wrong for Britney Spears don’t they?  First she is denied a number #1 album in its debut week by the Eagles new release.  Who would think a group performing longer than Britney has been alive would crush her Blackout CD so easily.  On top of that upsetting, but not crushing news, Britney has been ordered to cough up most of her ex-husband’s legal fees.

The American pop star has been told to pay $120,000 in legal fees to Kevin Federline, the father of her two young sons.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered the singer to stump up a large chunk of the $154,500 in legal fees that Federline owes to his attorney, according to court papers filed yesterday.

That decision was partially based on the fact that K-Fed doesn’t work and has no income whatsoever.  I would have thought he was raking in the royalties from his debut CD by now.  I guess it hasn’t caught on liked he hoped in South America and Asia.   Where is Kevin going to get the other $35,000 from if he claims he doesn’t work and has no income?  Spears will be taking care of that guy until the day he dies.

Britney ordered to pay Kevin
You can just see the $ signs in Kevin’s eyes

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