“Gangster” shoots down the “Bee”

November 4, 2007

It was a battle of two very different movies this weekend at the box office. One featured Oscar winning actors in a movie ripped from the while the other was a cartoon featuring some of the biggest comics around.  in the end though the violence and real life story of “American Gangster” took down the family friendly “Bee Movie”. It was a close race though as Gangster took in $46.3 million followed closely by Bee at $39.1 million.  Of course you have to believe  all those cheap kids tickets cost Bee the title.  I say charge everyone $12 to see  a movie!

 American Gangster tops the box office

1. “American Gangster,” $46.3 million
2. “Bee Movie,” $39.1 million
3. “Saw IV,” $11 million
4. “Dan in Real Life,” $8.1 million
5. “30 Days of Night,” $4 million
6. “The Game Plan,” $3.85 million
7. “Martian Child,” $3.65 million
8. “Michael Clayton,” $2.9 million
9. “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?”, $2.7 million
10. “Gone Baby Gone,” $2.4 million

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