Paris getting paid $1 million to party

November 1, 2007

In news that will make you feel sick to your stomach Paris Hilton will be replacing Lindsay Lohan for New Year’s Eve.  Lohan had been schedule to host a party at the LAX nightclub at the Luxor in Vegas, but in an effort to stay sober backed out o the event.  Who would the club turn to in order to stay a hot party spot?  Paris Hilton is taking over the the recently sober Lohan.  The kicker is that Paris will take home a cool $1,000,000 to host the event!!!  What the hell did I go to college for and why am I working 40 hours a week??  I can only imagine what drinks are gonna cost at this event!  I did New Year’s in Vegas to see in 2001, but no way would I be waiting online 6 hours to see Paris up in a VIP section.

Paris gets $1 million to party
Now that I am out of prison I am going to help…what?!?
One Million —  forget the people I need money!

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