No African tour for Paris Hilton

October 25, 2007

Paris Hilton will have to wait in her attempt to bring some meaning to her life and fill the emptiness that she sees as her soul.  Hilton’s plan to travel to Rwanda has been put on hold do to some issues with the charitable organization involved.

“Due to the restructuring of the Playing for Good Foundation, the philanthropic trip to Rwanda that the foundation had previously planned with Paris has been postponed,” the children’s charity said Thursday in a statement.

Apparently only one organization is able to bring meaning to Paris’ life.  You would think a woman with pretty much any  resource at her disposable could find another group to help with her presence.  Why take the chance to set up more contacts, have your assistants call people, find new magazines to interview with, and find new outfits for photo shoots.  Hopefully there is enough booze in LA to ease the pain from her empty soul.

Paris Hilton needs meaning in her life
Doing work for my servants every Thursday can
give my life meaning too!

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