Hoang Thuy Linh Sex Tape Scandal Grows

October 25, 2007

In the biggest scandal to hit Vietnam in years the Hoang Thuy Linh sex tape scandal has resulted in arrests, a canceled show, and a ruined career.  Thuy Linh’s hit show, Vang Anh’s Diary, was pulled from the air and four students have been arrested for posting the video online.

Police in Vietnam have arrested four students accused of spreading “debauched cultural products” by posting  a sex clip featuring a teen television star onto the internet, a policeman said Thursday. The clip, showing 19-year-old Hoang Thuy Linh and a boyfriend, caused a nationwide scandal and cost the starlet her job.

I have seen the video in question and it is tame in comparison to some US based stars and their videos.  Hoang has nothing on Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or Pamela Anderson.  To be truly honest she doesn’t even compare that well to Tonya Harding and Chyna Doll.  It’s a good think Vanessa Hudgens isn’t a star in Vietnam or her 15 minutes of fame would have only lasted 5 minutes.

 Hoang Thuy Linh Sex Tape Scandal Grows

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