Britney Spears wins some visitation

October 11, 2007

It looks like all the care she has been showing to her dog has won over some people because Britney Spears will get some additional visitation with her sons.

Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini announced that the visitation order had been modified to permit the children, who were recently placed in Federline’s custody, to have one overnight visit a week with their mother.

The report did not specify who would be the overnight monitor for the visits or if their would be one.  I am sure Britney can bring in one of her paparazzi friends to help out with the children since it seems like she has taken them in as family.   You hope that she would take this opportunity and make the best of it, but can’t you just see her dragging those kis around to a gas station at 2AM for a bag of funions and and some coffee for the kids?

Britney Spears gets overnight visitation
Hey y’all my kids will love this mocha frap! Like seriously!

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