Britney passes drug test, but booked on Hit and Run

October 10, 2007

A good day turned bad for Britney Spears yesterday. On a day when it was made public that she had taken and passed a drug test she was informed she is being booked on hit and run charges.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Rebecca Omens today (October 9) ordered the pop star to appear at a Los Angeles police station before October 25, when she is due to appear in court.

Spears must be photographed and fingerprinted in relation to the charges stemming from the August 6 incident in which she was filmed by paparazzi smashing into someone’s vehicle and then walking away.

This news put a damper on the fact that she had started taking parenting lessons from a coach and was following court orders and participating in random drug tests.

“She has passed her random drug tests. There’s been more than one. They came up negative,” People quoted Trope, as saying.

This girl just can’t catch a break can she? The fact that she passed her first test since 4th grade is a big deal. Granted this one didn’t involve any of that book learning stuff, but she still had to aim into a cup while squatting. That isn’t easy to do people! Well get ready for a courthouse circus. Wonder if she will hire a stylist for her mugshot or go for the crazy umbrella swinging look.

Britney passes drug test and charged with a crime
I don’t need no parenting coach! I just made that big litter box for
what’s his name…no need to change diapers now!

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