Lindsay Lohan leaves rehab in Utah

October 5, 2007

The stint in rehab is all over for Lindsay Lohan according to reports.  Lohan, who is rumored to have broken up a marriage and failed a drug test while in the Utah center, obviously feels she has gotten all he help she needs.

According to the magazine, the actress was photographed leaving the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah on Friday afternoon (October 5) after an extensive stay that lasted roughly two months. She was also seen with her father, Michael, who was carrying her suitcases.

It’s nice that her father has achieved a special bond in addiction with his once estranged daughter.   Her father visited her twice while in rehab and even helped her move out today.  That is like two airport runs right there.  If she ends up back in LA I bet she gives Britney a run for her money!

 Lindsay Lohan leaves rehab
Yeah dad I’m glad you are hear.  You scratch those bags and
I swear I will make you pay to replace them!

Lindsay Lohan leaves rehab Lindsay Lohan leaves rehab Lindsay Lohan leaves rehab Lindsay Lohan leaves rehab

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