Hot Gossip for October 4

October 4, 2007

Christina Aguilera baby bump Amy Winehouse new hair Brad and Angelina mock Best Western Rihanna and her puppy

  • Baby bump update for Christina Aguilera –  BC
  • New hair for Amy WinehouseBB
  • Brad and Angelina hate Best Western – GJ
  • Rihanna’s new puppy might b a toy – CW
  • Ellie is the College Cutie of the Day – CH
  • Sex scenes tough for Keira KnighleyCN
  • Giselle does GQ – BP
  • Kim Kardashian underage photo scandal – GB


Ellie - College Humor cutie Keira Knightley sex scenes tough Giselle Italian GQ Kim Kardashian and underage photos

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