Lohan getting out of rehab

September 25, 2007

Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be leaving her two month stay in rehab.  The once promising career she had is now over shadowed by her legal issues, rehab stints, and now a rumor that she has destroyed a marriage while in therapy.

Sources claim the ‘Mean Girls’ star is expected to be released this week. According to the actress’s mother, Dina Lohan, Hollywood won’t be seeing much of the star as she plans to travel and study abroad after she leaves rehab.

As for the marriage she destroyed it leads back to a rumored sexual encounter in a bathroom at the facility with a married musician married to an heiress.

he lawyers do not name Lohan in the actual complaint but they refer to her husband’s “conduct and relationship with another woman” as described in an American magazine and on showbiz internet sites.

Lay off the girl would you.  If you can’t go to rehab and  have unemotional casual sex why even bother going?  What you should be saying is how has Lindsay not destroyed every relationship of every other patient in the center with her?  The girl has an addictive personality and if you take away the good drugs where did you expect her to turn??

 Lindsay Lohan leaving rehab and ruining marriages
Oh yeah he had two kids and I didn’t care!

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