More legal trouble for Britney

September 21, 2007

By the time the year is over Britney will no more about the legal system than most Americans.  Not only is she dealing with a custody battle and a divorce she will now learn about hit and runs.   Britney was charged with two counts stemming from her parking lot fender bender from back in August.

…charged with involvement in a hit-and-run incident following a minor parking lot scrape, Los Angeles prosecutors said….has also been charged with driving without a valid California license

You can just see Kevin sitting at home building a fort out of his unsold CDs watching the TV Britney paid for and laughing his ass off.  Granted this isn’t the worst situation in the world, but the timing wouldn’t be considered ideal.  Next thing you know Britney will be charged as a co-defendant in the OJ Simpson case.

Britney Spears charged with hit and run

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