Marc Ecko lets you decide about Bonds home run ball

September 19, 2007

Marc Ecko purchased the 756th home run ball hit by Barry Bonds.  For those not up on their sports history the previous record for career home runs was 755 set by Hank Aaron.  Bonds has been looked at as a cheater ever since the BALCO investigation showed the level of illegal performance enhancing drugs being used in baseball.  Bonds has been closely linked with the investigation, but has not tested positive for any banned substances.  Marc Ecko has decided to give the public their say on what to do with the record breaking ball that cost him over $700,000.  Your three options include giving the ball to the Hall of Fame, marking it with an asterisk before giving it to the Hall of Fame, or launching it into space.

Make Your Vote Count!

 Marc Ecko for the record vote

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