Today in Angelina and Brad news

September 18, 2007

Brangelina have a few news items riding the internet airwaves so I thought I would dedicate a post to the celebrity couple.  Brad confirmed reports that he and his bride would like to adopt more children and keep growing the united colors of Brangelina brand image.   How many more countries will be blessed with the gift of paparazzi and unending press as these two scoop up new additions around the world? Speaking of solid parenting skills Angelina has said in an interview that she will not smoke pot.  Of course she also said that she has tried every drug imaginable during her 32 years.  This is what you call an informed mom that can really reach out to her kids and speak to them on what drugs to mix to ensure a solid ride!  And finally in a surprising statement Angelina has confirmed she has only had sex with 4 men!  She is even able to name 3 of the 4 by name and married two of them.  That is a 75% name recognition and a 50% marriage retention so all in all pretty good stats.

Brad and Angelina want more kids
Come on what was the 4th guys name?! Fine don’t tell me!
Just pick any kid and lets get going.

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