Celebrity sex tape for Elisha Cuthbert??

September 17, 2007

Is it possible that the most recent celebrity scandal involving no clothes might be followed up by an even hotter scandal involving no clothes and a video camera?  Rumors are swirling that blonde bombshel Elisha Cuthbert made a sex tape that is now being shopped around by an unnamed source.  I have no idea how accurate these reports are, but I feel better safe than sorry when it comes to celebrities and their ability to make bad decisions.  A blogger site broke the story, but it appears the site is now off line.  However we can quote what is causing the internet waves.

Geno’s World has learned that a porn tape involving Elisha Cuthbert is being shopped around. The tape obviously would end up in a legal battle, but the owner of the footage is attempting to set up a website to cash in quickly.

After her last movie I don’t think this video will hurt her career all that much.  If you haven’t seen “Captivity” don’t rush out to blockbuster to pick it up – I don’t even think they were willing to waster shelf space or that piece of trash.   If their is no tape out there just watch “The Girl Next Door” and enjoy Elisha soaking wet!

Elisha Cuthbert sex tape

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