Kanye West is outselling 50 Cent

September 12, 2007

Could the solo career of 50 Cent be coming to an end? If current trends remain Kanye West will easily outsell 50 in the battle of new releases. 50 had said that if he was outsold he would give up his solo career and now it might be time for him to step up.

Early reports have Kanye West beating 50 in their much-hyped battle of album sales: West’s “Graduation” is on pace to sell about 575,000 to 700,000 its first week out, while 50 Cent’s “Curtis” is on track to do 550,000, according to Billboard magazine.

Wonder if 50 will step up? You know if he doesn’t admit defeat Kanye will probably through a hissy fit claiming the world is in on a conspiracy against him. The two appeared on the cover of Rolling Stones, have been on numerous radio shows, and appeared on multiple TV programs pushing their new releases. If you are a fan of 50 and want to see him keep making music you better get your $10 out and start buying some CDs.

Kanye West outselling 50 cent in frist day


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