How old are the Vanessa Hudgens pictures?

September 12, 2007

New rumors are surfacing the the scandalous pictures making their way around cyberspace of Vanessa Hudgens might be older than we have been let to believe. Statement from the actress have made no mention as to when the naughty images were taken, but only that they were personal and a private matter. However this open letter has appeared on several sites claiming that the picture are nearly 3 years old.

guys .
wanna hear the true story ?
listen . they have not published this story yet because they are still looking for her ex-bf named JUSTIN ( he has runaway somewhere ) .
Vanessa took this pictures 3 YEARS AGO and sent them to her ex-bf . he was jealous of ZANESSA and leaked the photos on the net .

Vanessa had straight hair 3 years ago . If you see the her recent pictures with Zac and even now in Australia she has curly and fluffy hair . so make your conclusions .
Vanessa had a belly piercing just around last year . if you observe she does not have a belly piercing in this picture because this picture was taken 3 years ago .
Think about it . If she had sent those pictures to Zac and the pictures were out because of him she would have broken up with him the next day and the headlines of various websites would be ‘ END OF ZANESSA ‘ or ‘I GOTTA GO MY OWN WAY FOR REAL ‘ . she wouldn’t even think about following him to Australia to promote his new movie Hairspray like she is now .
Zac did not asked for this photos nor did she sent them to him to keep him interested . she does not have to show her love to him this way . she was naive 3 years ago because she was very young at that time . Zac has been supporting her and backing her up throughout this whole scandal and they are still together

I know all this information because i have my private sources linked close to her and if u still wanna argue i have more proof based on the other pictures taken by her ( the non nudes ones ) . just e-mail me at

****e-mail removed to avoid an over load****

and I would gladly answer any of your questions .

please show your support to Vanessa as she is going through a very hard time at this point . please don’t accuse her of being something she is not or curse Zac cause this definately not his fault.


thanks for your support .

If this is true and her people haven’t claimed it that would be surprising. Take a look at a recent picture of Vanessa on the beach and compare it to some of the other pictures that have been seen.

How old was Vanessa when naked pictures were taken?


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